What Your Solicitor Should Do in the Event of an Accident

Accident! – What to do?

The most important information about rights and responsibilities for the real thing.

Whether self-inflicted, through no fault of, at home or abroad: An accident is a tricky business and associated with different rights and obligations. A lot of trouble can be spared you with the correct behavior. DEKRA has compiled the most important tips and interesting information at a glance for you.

First, all necessary for the settlement of claims information and evidence at the accident site should be backed up – regardless of the question of guilt and the country where the accident happened.

  • Photographing the scene of an accident and the vehicles involved.
  • Make next to overview photos and detail photos of the damage caused.
  • Customise accident sketch.
  • Pay attention to signs of slowing, and liquid spills.

If necessary, call the police. This should always be the case if people were injured or high material damage. Also on suspicion of offenses such as hit and run, abuse of alcohol or drugs, as well as an unclear situation, the police should be contacted.

Write down:

  • Registration plates of the vehicles involved
    Names and addresses of the accident opponents
    Insurance companies in the accident opponents (they are not known, they can be replacement delivery information)
    Names and addresses of witnesses
    A useful document that helps you at the accident site, you can download here:
    Accident! – What to do? Put this checklist best equal to your glove compartment!

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